John Cena Learning About Christmas Decoration Storage ‘Hacks’ Is Today’s Weirdest Thing

John Cena returns to WWE on tonight’s edition of Raw, so he’s prepping to rip Alberto Del Rio in half at the waist by … showing up on Today and learning handy-dandy ways to store Christmas decorations. I’m not sure if “weird” is the right word for it, but it’s … unsettling? Are we still saying normcore?

Cena’s popped up on Today so much that he’s transformed into a regular host. He’s surprised victims of tragedies, he’s made all the wishes one man can make and popped in to get old ladies horny about National Guacamole Day. It’s a full spectrum. Watching his eyes glaze over as he’s the third wheel in a segment about interior decorating hacks — “hacks” — is a new one. Hey John Cena, did you know you can wrap a tree in a blanket? Hey John Cena, did you know you can put a candle in a used paper towel roll? Hey John Cena, are you sick of vacation yet? You ready to awkwardly Code Red some dudes again?

Regardless, it’s good to know that if Cena’s movie career doesn’t work out, he’s got a great post-WWE gig as the new Michael Strahan. As far as Christmas goes, though, this is the only decorating hack I want to see from him: