John Cena Delivered A Commencement Speech And Came To A Shocking Realization About Wrestling

John Cena, ’95, receives Cushing Academy’s Leadership Award and gives the keynote address of the 140th Commencement Exercises

“Cushing Academy we got a HOT CROWD HERE TONIGHT! [pause for response] It sounds like we’ve got some John Cena fans here tonight! It also sounds like we’ve got some [rival school] fans here tonight. That’s OK! When you pay to go to a coed day and boarding high school with a postgraduate option, you earn the right to boo or cheer whoever you’d like. That’s what I love about you, the School Universe! Some a y’all’d like to see me accept the Cushing Academy Leadership Award, some ‘a y’all wouldn’t. Last Sunday night, John Cena faced Kevin Owens at Elimination Chamber. [pause for response] [30 additional minutes of promo]”

In all seriousness, congratulations to Cena for giving his school’s keynote address for their 140th Commencement Exercises. The morning after Elimination Chamber we should celebrate this man, and give him one of those stern, standing rounds of applause with tears in our eyes.

Also, this is the shortest John Cena promo ever. I wish he would have laid out an open challenge to graduates.