Get Hypnotized By The John Cena ‘Fine Speech’ Compilation

Have you ever noticed how often John Cena says someone’s anti-John Cena promo was a, “fine speech?” If you haven’t, watch this video. You’ll never be able to not notice it.

This mini-compilation (via GelatinousPower over at Reddit) reveals one of the only things Cena says more than “jack.” Fine speech. Fine speech. Fines peach. Finds peach.

There’s a lengthy bonus feature as well, pointing out all the times — okay, some of the time, it’s impossible to chronicle ALL the times — Cena has stopped in the middle of a promo to remove his hat and tussle his own hair. It’s his best physical expression of confusion, concentration and, occasionally, anger. Look at him:

That’s the only face you can make when someone’s given such a fine speech. Now if only someone could make a How To video on how to remove your T-shirt like Cena, in one motion without moving. He takes off T-shirts like Tuxedo Mask whips open his cape.