John Cena Has Challenged Aisha Tyler To A Thumb War In The GISHWHES2014

Okay, this one takes some explaining.

GISHWHES is the “Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen.”

GISHWHES is a 5-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins. Thousands of participants from more than 100 countries are placed on 15-person teams and for one week, through laughter, blood, sweat and tears, they acquire Items on a wild and jaw-dropping scavenger hunt list. The team that scavenges the most items with the highest quality of submissions joins Misha Collins on an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic locale. Prior Winners journeyed to Rome, a haunted castle in Scotland and British Columbia.

The Items are “captured” as videos or images and uploaded to this website to memorialize the annual Gishwhes experience and to supply the judges with something to judge. The more sublime and creative a submission, the more points awarded. Items range from the sweet and touching, “perform a sock puppet show at a children’s hospital” to the weirdly sublime, “a fully dressed storm trooper cleaning a pool next to a sunbather.”

This year’s list features a lot of crazy stuff — “shave a corporate logo into a hairy man’s back,” “dress up like Batman and play bingo” and “get a geisha to mow your lawn” are all on there — but this one was a favorite:

VIDEO. Aisha Tyler is a formidable thumb wrestler. Get a WWE or WWF Wrestler (former or current) to publicly challenge her to a thumb war. Triple points if the match-up actually happens. -Jess Richardson 48 POINTS

Making this one happen is easier than it sounds. It doesn’t say “get a popular wrestler.” You could give the Brooklyn Brawler or Virgil $20 to challenge Aisha and it’d count. Keeping that in mind, octuple points should be awarded to Team #BunkerOfDoom for going all the way to the top and getting JOHN CENA to make the video challenge.

Here’s the video, complete with Cena’s gnarly The Nest tattoos:

Don’t do it, Aisha, he’ll beat you. I know it seems like he won’t, but he will.

Go ahead and scratch this one off your list, GISHWHES teams. The only way you could top this is getting Rusev to angrily challenge her and keep calling her “Lana.”