John Cena Will Voice A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villain

Contributing Writer
01.12.18 5 Comments


Pro wrestling fans have demanded a heel turn for John Cena since … well, pretty much ever since he turned into a squeaky-clean good guy, somewhere between about WrestleMania XX and WrestleMania 21. That was almost 15 years ago! [knees creak loudly]

We will probably never be getting that heel turn (in part because Cena himself believes he turned heel a long time ago and just no one in WWE will cop to it), but it looks like we might be getting the next-closest thing: Cena will PLAY a villain for another long-running and beloved franchise (in addition to WWE, that is).

In a recent video, Cena dropped a trilogy of Nickelodeon-based news. The once and future Kids’ Choice Awards host will be coming back for another go-round at sliming people in 2018, he’s about to drop a new show on the family-friendly channel … and at some point, he will attempt to dine on turtle soup, as he runs afoul of a quartet of teenaged, mutated turtles with martial arts skills.

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