John Cena’s Personal Career Highlight May Not Be What You Think

06.12.17 9 months ago 4 Comments


John Cena is still a few weeks away from returning and tossing Jinder Mahal into the sun, but he’s never too far away from the fans. Thank you, based, Cena, for remaining in touch with all of us. Thank you.

On Sunday, Cena took some time out of Nocking Hard (South) to film a Facebook Live Q&A with all us normies (and flaunt his weird movie hair), and a fan asked what his career highlight or favorite moment has been so far. Cena gave an answer that might be a bit surprising: his top moment was proposing to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33. Awwww!

“Obviously, getting a chance to ask [for] Nicole’s hand in marriage at WrestleMania. Now, normally, when everybody’s like, ‘Hey, what’s your favorite moment in your career,’ I always say, ‘It’s my next one,’ but her saying yes … it’s going to be a tough one to top.”

And if you want to cut right to the meat of the heart of the matter and hear just that response, here you go. Thanks, John Cena Crews!

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