John Cena Said Goodbye To The Joe Louis Arena In The Most John Cena Way Possible

07.31.17 11 months ago


On Saturday, July 29, WWE ran the final event inside the Joe Louis Arena, a gigantic block of concrete that sits in downtown Detroit and has housed the Red Wings hockey franchise since 1979. The Joe has also hosted a whopping seven WWE pay-per-views, and some very famous wrestling moments have taken place inside it, as we so expertly compiled for your perusal. Considering the Joe officially locked its doors the very next day, July 30, someone from WWE would have to send the building off in style before it was compromised to a permanent end. And, of course, that someone was John Cena.

Following his victory against Rusev in the main event, Cena hopped on the mic and informed the live crowd just how special the Joe is to him.

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