John Cena Doesn’t Think He’s Granting Enough Wishes For Make-A-Wish Kids

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In addition to his many impressive accolades earned inside the ring, John Cena has been an incredibly successful personality away from WWE. He’s an actor, he’s an entertainer, he’s a television host and, this week, the wrestler is featured on the cover of the newest issue of Men’s Health magazine.

There are several interesting tidbits from his cover interview, but there’s one that may take a lot of people by surprise. It’s no secret that the 39-year-old Cena has been one of the most active and prominent Make-A-Wish granters in the world today. He’s made more than 500 wishes come true for kids in the foundation, a number that no other athlete has even come close to.

Still, for Cena, it apparently isn’t enough.

“That’s over 15 years, roughly 5,475 days,” he says. “That means I’ve been idle for 4,975 days. I feel like I’m not meeting enough kids. The days I see a Make-A-Wish kid are the best days of the week. It’s a real privilege.”

“I give them exactly what they give me—hope. It’s a day off from the normal struggle.”

Cena said immediately after crossing the 500 wishes mark that his next goal was 1,000. He’ll probably get there, and then immediately set his sights on something even higher. After all, Cena said he’ll be involved with the foundation as long as they’ll have him around, and it doesn’t seem like they’re in any rush to get rid of him.