John Cena Announced His New Fox Reality Show And It’s The Most John Cena Thing Possible

Things John Cena loves: The Troops, helping sick kids, America, freedom, rapping, not having kids with Nikki Bella, probably. Things John Cena hates: nothing, he rises above that, come on, guys, it’s like you don’t even watch wrestling. As such, Cena seems like the perfect person to host a new Fox military-themed obstacle course reality show:

Here are further details via The Hollywood Reporter:

American Grit will follow 16 of the country’s toughest men and women as they’re split into four teams and work together to face a variety of military-grade and survival-themed challenges. Cena will lead an elite group of mentors from the top branches of the U.S. Air Forces who will aid the contestants and push these recruits to the brink.

The winning team must finish will all members still present, leaving “no man behind.” They will then compete in “The Circus,” which (sadly) involves less juggling and more so testing contestants’ endurance with a challenging obstacle course. And probably a lot of mud. Obstacle course montages in military movies always have a lot of mud.

Mentors for this Grit American Bash include U.S. Marines sergeant Tawanda “Tee” Hanible, Purple Heart recipient Noah Galloway, Act of Valor actor and U.S. Navy Seals trainer Rorke Denver, and U.S. Army sniper Nick “The Reaper” Irving. In other news, is there a more baller and intimidating nickname than “The Reaper?” Yeah … yeah, probably not.

The series is set to debut sometime in 2016, and has an order for 10 episodes.

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