John Cena Says He’s Never Turning Heel, So Stop Asking Already

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.25.14 65 Comments

John Cena is going to be an unstoppable superhero forever.

Since Cena took over as WWE’s infallible t-shirt factory and All-Times Champ, the question has been, “when’s he turning heel?” It’s the next big step in the evolution of a great champion. Hulk Hogan did it. Stone Cold Steve Austin did it. The Rock did it. These guys were all the vitamin-eating, lady-saving, troops-loving icons of pro wrestling popularity and then bam, they gave it all up to be hated. They all eventually came back around to the side of the angels, but the iconic heel turn was there. Hollywood Hogan, Hollywood Rock, paranoid McMahon sycophant Austin.

Cena as a bad guy is such an interesting prospect that him playing a heel in a MOVIE was news. Cena’s been “some a y’all like me, some a y’all don’t” for years, but now we have a definitive answer, courtesy of (of all things) a bench press technique video.

“It will never happen. Oh I’ve got it in me for sure. I do what they tell me, boss.”

And so it goes.

Today’s study question: How DOES Cena turn heel? How would you do it? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, let us know if this bench press etiquette is total crap or whatever.

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