John Cena Celebrated May The 4th By Doing Squats In A Darth Vader Mask

Via John Cena

If you looked at a calendar, logged onto Twitter, or ran into someone who really likes Star Wars at any point today, you were almost certainly made aware of the fact that it’s day No. 4 in month No. 5 in our Gregorian calendar. In other words, today is May the Fourth, the one day a year where people can accurately say “May the Fourth be with you” as a reference to the Star Wars films.

While most people say “May the Fourth,” John Cena, as he is wont to do, decided to really commit to the bit and have a little more fun than most. The Face That Runs The Place posted a video to his Twitter account on Star Wars Day of himself squatting 240 kilograms one time with a pause.

But because he is John Cena, he did this while wearing a Darth Vader mask. Upon finishing the squat, he picked up a lightsaber, was informed that this particular lightsaber belongs to Luke Skywalker, ripped off his mask in disgust, and said “May the Fourth be with you” to those who made it to the end of the video.

Give Cena some credit: It’s always good to be in the holiday spirit, even as you’re trying to get in some work in the weight room.