John Cena Talked Brass Rings, Heel Turns, And Steroids On The Live Chris Jericho Podcast

So, Steve Austin is out as WWE’s podcast guy, and Chris Jericho is in, and if there was any question as to why the switch was made, it was answered loud and clear with Jericho’s interview with John Cena. There were a lot of softball questions, and Jericho never really tried to push Cena out of his comfy box. Nevertheless, there were some interesting tidbits here and there. Here’s a few highlights:

– Jericho made fun of Cena for having Five Move of Doom. They talked about him adding new moves, like they springboard stunner. They joked about being able to use real names for moves, calling the AA a fireman’s carry. They’re shootin’, brother!

– Cena used to ride with Funaki, Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri. John Cena did Japanese guy voices and talked about how much Tajiri loved Whoppers.

– Cena totally doesn’t care that he’s not in the main-event scene at the moment. Nope, not at all! Cena blamed fans being bored with him on the amount of TV and fans getting complacent. Huh?

– Vince and Cena are best pals and “share the same vision.” Cena had a vision of a decade plus of John Cena on top, too? That’s surprising.

– John Cena LOVED Vince’s “brass ring” comments. Cena says new guys shouldn’t be afraid to try to new things. They might get in trouble, but they’ll get another chance.

– Cena talked a bit about the good ol’ days in OVW and coming up with guys like Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista, and Shelton Benjamin. He talked about his rap gimmick being discovered when higher ups heard him free-styling in the back of the bus one day.

– Jericho asked if Cena had ever taken steroids. Shockingly, he said no.

– Cena isn’t all clean livin’, though. According to Jericho, Cena can drink most guys under the table. Jericho tells a story about passing out and waking up to find Cena had tucked him into bed.

– Cena tried to sell he and The Rock’s feud as real, saying they didn’t know what the other guy was going to say during their promos. He said Rock was legitimately pissed when Cena called him out for having notes on his arm. Okay, sure.

– Jericho asked if Cena is ever going to turn heel. Cena said it was considered during The Rock program, with them going so far as to record new theme music and make new gear. Ultimately, though, Cena just loves being a real-life superhero too darn much. They showed him with backstage with sick kids and The Crusher during this totally off-the-cuff segment. Good thing they had that cued up.

– Cena says he’s going to keep going until he can’t go any more.

Well, that was a thing. Jericho seemed to be trying to coax some stuff out of Cena here and there, and Y2J showed a bit of frustration at some of the replies, but Cena never cracked. Generally, Cena came off as a decent enough guy, but the dude’s a total worker and sort of weirdly sheltered. You can tell Cena hasn’t had to deal with the slings and arrows most guys have to deal with in a long time.

What about you folks? Where would you put Cena on the insufferability scale after this interview?