Watch Kathie Lee And Hoda Get Hot And Bothered Over John Cena For National Guacamole Day

If you don’t think Hoda and Kathie Lee are currently living their best lives on television, you’re probably not the kind of person who aspires to drink wine for breakfast and call it a career instead of something you should seek help for. That’s cool. That’s fine. We all have different life goals. Kathie Lee’s current life goal? Getting John Cena shirtless and smearing guacamole all over his chest.

John Cena has done a lot of amazing on Today. From granting his 500th wish for the Make A Wish Foundation to teaming up with the New York Yankees to surprise the son of a Charleston shooting victim, he’s done some amazing things. He’s also discussed sleeping in the nude and why he doesn’t put a baby in Nikki Bella.

I love how the ladies of Today have just straight up stopped hiding how jazzed up John Cena gets them. I mean, I super can’t identify with wanting to rub things on John Cena’s body, but I am all about day-drunk older women expressing their interest on an international platform.

Also, what do you think happens in ‘the weird zone?’ Why aren’t we exploring this more? Is it because it’s butt stuff? It’s probably butt stuff, isn’t it.

Man, mornings on NBC are f*ing lit.