John Cena’s Becoming A Reality TV Producer, So Enjoy The Bellas On Television Forever

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10.22.14 18 Comments

Just in case rapping, appearing in movies, being the face that runs the place and helping Scooby-Doo solve mysteries don’t work out for him, John Cena has something to fall back on: reality shows.

Per a news bit in Variety, Cena’s partnering with ‘Pawn Stars’ producer Leftfield Pictures to develop reality shows. SOME A Y’ALL MIGHT LIKE THIS SHOWS, SOME A Y’ALL MIGHT NOT, THAT’S OKAY, WHEN YOU BUY A TELEVISION YOU EARN THE RIGHT TO BOO OR CHEER THE SHOWS YOU WANT.

“For someone like me that’s surrounded by so many interesting characters, you know when you brush up against someone who can hold a room,” Cena told Variety. “There are so many people out there who can hold someone’s attention.”

While Cena is a fan of many scripted series on TV, “there’s a lot more opportunity in reality,” he said, and chances “to package lives the way they already are.”

AKA “I want to make TV shows but have the creativity of a trash can, so find a gaggle of deluded old ladies or a pile of puppies somewhere and film it.” John’s taking the production role, although Variety notes that projects could “potentially include Cena on screen somehow, but is not required.” I guess that means he isn’t producing Raw.

“John Cena has broad appeal

… as in “he appeals to broads” …

across so many different audiences and demographics; it makes total sense that his celebrity has exploded,” said Leftfield Entertainment CEO Brent Montgomery. “Leftfield has always been an entrepreneurial outfit, and we love collaborating with other aggressive entrepreneurs looking for creative ways to reach new markets and tell compelling, unconventional stories. We are really excited to be in business with Cena.”

We love when rich guys decide to give us money for things!

So, what kind of shows will Cena be producing? Probably a bunch of shit about cars, right? What kind of work has Leftfield Pictures done besides Pawn Stars, which as gotten over 330 episodes out of the “I think this object is worth this much/I can’t pay that much I’ll give you this much/Would you take something in the middle/You gotta deal” formula?

Company’s credits also include “Hillbillies for Hire,” “Truck Stop U.S.A.” and “Guntucky.”

WOOF. I can’t wait to watch hits like HONEY BOO-BOO GUTS DEER and DENNY’S THE SHOW from producer John Cena.

Does anybody know why he’s doing this? The guy’s already rich and famous. He’s got more money than he knows what to do with, and he’s never struck me as the creative type. What could possibly be motivating him to put his name and money on a bunch of iffy reality shows that nobody will remember five minutes after they’ve been canceled?

Cena isn’t the only WWE star that’s turned to TV on his own to expand his presence in front of and behind the camera.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson began producing TV shows in 2012, starting with reality competition show “The Hero,” co-produced with Ben Silverman’s Electus Entertainment.

Oooooh. Carry on.

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