John Cena’s Shocking Revelation: ‘I Pooped Myself’

While we’re still a little more than a week away from the return of my favorite reality TV series since Temptation Island, E!’s Total Divas, the network that has provided us with this incredible show released a clip yesterday, and I’m not joking when I say that the second half of the first season can’t get here fast enough. If you’ve been reading along with my Pulitzer-nominated (I assume) Total Divas episode recaps, then you know that there are two running themes that I’ve grown to adore more than any others:

1) Poor Nattie, she just can’t get any love.

2) Is Nikki Bella complaining too much? Here’s John Cena to put things into perspective for her.

In this new clip for the upcoming return of Total Divas, E! covers both of those bases, as it appears that Nattie had a very embarrassing accident in the ring and Cena is only too familiar with what she’s going through.

Check out the rest of the clip at E! Online.