Johnny Gargano And His Groomsmen Performed An Amazing Lip-Sync Medley At His Wedding

NXT’s (soon to be WWE’s) Johnny Gargano is coming off what could arguably be called the busiest summer of his pro wrestling career. Not only did he make it to the second round of WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic, he and his tag team partner Tommaso Ciampa also had a barn-burner of a tag team match against The Revival at NXT Takeover in Brooklyn, all while fulfilling the last of his independent wrestling dates before jumping to NXT and the Raw cruiserweight division full-time. The guy has earned a break, that’s what we’re saying. And after a summer like that, why not treat yourself to a Disneyland wedding?

That’s exactly what Gargano did this past weekend, as a matter of fact. He and fellow independent wrestling star Candice LeRae tied the knot at Disneyland after getting engaged earlier this year. If you pay attention to Gargano’s Twitter, he teased some lip-sync shenanigans a few days before the wedding, but I don’t think anything could have prepared us for this. And of course, it starts on a GLORIOUS note.

Confetti and a “this is awesome” chant? This is nothing but highspots, and I’m totally okay with that.

Gargano’s backup consists of fellow wrestlers Ciampa, Chuck Taylor, Matt Cross, and Gregory Iron, as well as Cleveland sports anchor Vic Travagliante. Further confirming that this is the wedding you wish you had, the whole gang stuck around Disneyland for a while, even conquering Splash Mountain à la Dwayne Johnson. Bonus highlight: Here’s Matt Cross (a.k.a. Son of Havoc) in his frantic search for a gym at the Disney resort.

What a weekend. Gargano returns to the grind this weekend, though, when he takes on his final independent booking. On Friday in Cleveland, he’ll be facing none other than Candice LeRae. That’s right, his final non-WWE opponent will be his wife. They’ve wrestled each other before, but I’d wager that this time will be a lot more special. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wrestling!