Jon Jones May Turn Up At SummerSlam To Pressure Brock Lesnar Into A UFC Fight

Jon Jones versus Brock Lesnar in the UFC is a fight both Jones and Lesnar say they want, but whether or not it happens is a question involving a lot of moving parts. There’s Brock’s issues with UFC drug testing organization USADA that include a frozen four month suspension and six month testing period before he can step into the Octagon again. Also an issue is Lesnar’s WWE schedule, which has him busy with the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania right when those USADA requirements would be met.

In short, it’ll take a very motivated Brock Lesnar to make a fight with Jones happen. Fortunately, Jon caught the WWE superstar’s attention quite effectively by calling Brock out after winning his belt back at UFC 214. But he’s been much more muted about Brock on a recent media victory lap, telling Good Morning America “I think it may be a while before Brock Lesnar is eligible to fight.”

That may be true, but it ain’t hype. In another interview, Jones credited the Lesnar call out to Conor McGregor, who inspired him “to just dare and to reach, reach higher.” But McGregor followed up his many call outs of Floyd Mayweather with an unwavering determination to make a fight happen in the face of public doubt and UFC opposition. He forced that match into existence through sheer force of will, and Jones will have to do the same if he wants to hook Lesnar.

So let’s hope he follows through with the idea of showing up to Brock’s next big WWE appearance at SummerSlam, going down August 21st.

That’s the kind of action someone looking to turn this into a superfight is going to do. Just sitting back and letting managers handle things probably isn’t going to cut it. Without some serious hype behind this fight from Jones chasing Lesnar or other such shenanigans, it’s probably not going to look profitable enough to Brock to risk getting his butt kicked. And let’s be straight here, that risk is very high and Jones isn’t exactly gentle when finishing his fights.

Jones versus Lesnar would be a big fight no matter what. But it could be absolutely massive, but only if Jones takes a bit more inspiration from McGregor and makes it a must see event for fans of both pro wrestling and MMA. We’ll be keeping an eye on the ringside seats at SummerSlam to see if Jones shows up. It’ll be a pretty good indication of whether Jon is serious about ‘reaching higher.’