Jon Stewart Geeked Out Over Brock Lesnar While Trying To Report Serious News

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Everyone knows Jon Stewart loves the crap out of pro wrestling. Well… he loves pro wrestling when it isn’t calling his show unwatchable on Monday Night Raw, or invading The Daily Show and hover-threatening him. That said, he probably loves it the most when he gets to do this:

On this past Monday night’s edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart ran down all of the important things that happened while he was on vacation. Iran deal? Sure. All that money stuff with Greece? Yeah, that’s probably important to a lot of people. The Undertaker showing up and throwing hands at Brock Lesnar? Yes! That’s the kind of quality content I look for in both our own comedy wrestling website and my comedy news television shows.

Say what you will about it being brief and probably not really news, but at least Stewart maintains character and continuity better than WWE does most of the time. Now, let’s just hope this doesn’t draw the ire of either The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar, or else Trevor Noah might have to start his new hosting gig a whole lot sooner than the end of September.