José Bautista Went Full John Cena After This Amazing Throw

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.23.15 13 Comments

During Tuesday night’s game against the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder José Bautista caught a fly ball in deep right and gunned down Chris Young at home plate in one of the most powerful, spectacular throws of the season. He followed that up with John Cena’s signature, “you can’t see me,” taunt. You know, for emphasis.

You’d think with a name like Bautista he’d be pantomiming machine guns or at least giving a double thumbs down, but whatever.

I’m not sure you could throw a ball any better than that. John Cena has a better chance of hitting a springboard stunner clean than Chris Young had trying to make it home without getting gunned down. Let that be a lesson to anyone else foolish enough to test José Bautista: he’s got his soul straight, and he’ll brush your mouth like Colgate.

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