Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doesn’t Know Who El Generico Is, But WWE’s Sami Zayn Does


When Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t busy having Beastie Boys-themed cameos in Star Wars movies, he runs HitRecord (that’s “hit record” in the sense of pressing the “record” button, not “hit record” in the sense of a hot single).

HitRecord, if you’re unfamiliar is a sort of open-source production company and ersatz social media platform. Creators can use it to post their creations, and fans can help creators and collaborators monetize or fund their projects. Think of it like a combination of Tumblr, Patreon, and Kickstarter. But with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Anyway, one of the creators on that platform is artist Jamie Dee Galey, a wrestling fan who makes comic strips and draws a bunch of wrestlers and wrestling-related art, among other things. For example:

Way back in October of 2014, Galey uploaded a drawing of cult favorite wrestler El Generico to HitRecord. For reasons unclear at best, Gordon-Levitt tweeted out the drawing and a link to the drawing’s HitRecord page on Tuesday, asking for the world to give this poor, nameless wrestler a name.

It’s possible that Gordon-Levitt thought “El Generico” was just what Galey decided to title a drawing of a, well, generic wrestler. Regardless the reason for the tweet, pretty much every wrestling fan on Twitter’s ears perked up and his mentions were flooded with thousands of permutations of “uh that’s El Generico, dude.”

(For his part, Galey wasn’t upset about the newfound attention.)

Things continued to go around and around until finally Sami Zayn, a WWE Superstar who is one of Generico’s oldest and dearest friends, popped in to comment on the drawing.

Few people have inside information on El Generico’s nippular situation like Zayn. I hope Mr. Gordon-Levitt appreciates the hand-delivered inside scoop. Everyone in the world should appreciate Sami Zayn.

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