JTG Had A Great Idea For An Invisible Muppet Gimmick That Would Make Him A Top WWE Superstar. No, Really.

Here’s something you probably weren’t expecting to read on a Monday, or … uh, ever: future endeavors superstar JTG believes he could’ve been a top WWE Superstar if the company had run with his idea of him having an invisible Muppet conscience. Go ahead, read that a few times. It’s a sentence. I’ll wait.

JTG discussed the gimmick in detail on the Podnasty Wrestling Podcast and spoiler alert, it’s one part that time Sheamus revealed he was related to Beaker and two-parts Lil’ Jimmy. Get to the end of this paragraph WITHOUT imagining a rainstorm of $1000 bills, I dare you.

“I thought I was a rich man. I’ll tell you how rich I thought I was. When Vince approved the gimmick, when he told me that he loved it, I took my wife out to Mr. Chow when I got home because I just saw money. It was my idea, the idea stemmed from this character I used to do in promo class. WWE Superstars, before Raw, some Superstars were called in early to the show—like maybe an hour early—and we would have hands-on classes with Vince McMahon and we did promo classes where it was kind of like improv and working on promos. He would give us an exercise where he would say ‘say anything and you have to cut a promo on it.’ I can’t remember what word he gave me, but there was a few times where I started talking to myself and it was highly entertaining, and I created a new character with a double personality. His name was Self. The idea was for the muppet to look exactly like me. The premise behind the whole Self-Muppet idea was for it to be seen and heard by the WWE Universe, but not seen by anybody backstage. For example, if me and you were talking backstage, Self would be insulting you but you couldn’t hear him. Only me and the WWE Universe, he was kind of like my conscience.”

As any wrestling fan knows, stuff the audience can see but the wrestlers can’t is always a great idea. Always the best idea. I’m going to assume negotiations fell through on the gimmick when Shad Gaspard wouldn’t agree to put on a felt hat and pretend to be a Muppet.

Is “JTG has a puppet conscience” a huge money gimmick? Can we come up with something else for him? Maybe JTG drives around a car that can talk. It has the voice of Zack Ryder!