Justin Gabriel Pitched The Bunny Becoming A Hardcore Badass Who’s Secretly Vince McMahon

Ah, Adam Rose’s Bunny. Like so many things in WWE, The Bunny thing was clever at first, but was promptly run into the ground and petered out without any sort of closure. The Bunny was played by PJ Black/Justin Gabriel most of the time, and, well, things might have been very different if he’d had his way.

According to Gabriel, he and Adam Rose pitched all sorts of strange, dark ideas for The Bunny. They even went so far as to get new props made and film vignettes…

“Me and Adam Rose sat down and wrote out stories to make this bunny an evil bunny, because he wanted to be a heel so bad. We wanted to do like the Donnie Darko thing. We had an awesome mask made by the people who do The Walking Dead makeup, the same people who make Kane’s masks. We had things filmed, and all of these ideas to turn this bunny into an evil, sadistic character. Adam Rose was going to be like a Marilyn Manson character. Everything got shot down.”

Evil, Donnie Darko Bunny not wacky enough for you? Well, Gabriel apparently also pitched the idea of The Bunny becoming a hardcore badass, who would eventually be revealed to be Vince McMahon…

“I came up with an idea for the bunny to become really hardcore, he has dried blood all over him, sitting backstage grumpy smoking cigars. The bunny should be going through ladders, tables, and coming close to winning championships, but doesn’t because he’s too f–cked up. Then maybe the bunny gets knocked out backstage, and a ref shows up and it’s Vince. Then Vince wakes up and just goes ‘I don’t know what happened. I put the suit on and I just blacked out.’ Everyone loved the idea, it just never came to fruition.”

Gabriel, buddy, I hate to be the one to tell you, but people laughing at something doesn’t necessarily mean they love it. I’m not sure you get to play the “WWE didn’t nurture me creatively” card when your ideas include, “Let’s put Vince McMahon in a bloodstained bunny costume,” and “I want to be a daredevil werewolf.” I’m not sure that kind of creativity should be nurtured. At least not in a real wrestling company that’s trying to make money. Maybe check to see if TNA is hiring writers.

via Wrestling Inc.