Kane Could Make History At WWE Extreme Rules


He’s the Tag Team Champions.

According to SportsKeeda, Kane could make history if he and Daniel Bryan are able to defeat the Bludgeon Brothers for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rules by becoming the first man to hold every WWE Tag Team Championship. All of them. It’ll give him runs with the WWE Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship, the Raw Tag Team Championship, the Smackdown Tag Team Championship, and even the WWE version of the WCW Tag Team Championship.

If you’re wondering how that all breaks down, Kane has been WWF/WWE/World Tag Team Champion on nine occasions; twice with Mankind, twice with the Undertaker, twice with X-Pac, and one time each with Big Show, Rob Van Dam, and The Hurricane. He’s held the WWE Tag Team Championship, which includes the Raw Tag Team Championship lineage, on two occasions; once with Big Show, and once with Daniel Bryan. He also teamed with the Undertaker to take the WCW Tag Team Championship from The Natural Born Thrillers back in 2001.

It’s a pretty impressive feat considering he already has a unique record — the only man to win seven tag team titles with different names — still holds the record for most total Royal Rumble eliminations at 43, and has held the Intercontinental and World Championships on multiple occasions. Also, he’s probably going to be a demon mayor.