Ken Shamrock Believes He Could Have Prevented Kim Kardashian Being Held At Gunpoint

10.04.16 2 years ago 11 Comments

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian suffered through a terrifying ordeal when she was held up at gunpoint by armed men in her Paris hotel room. The robbery caused her husband, Kanye West, to cut his Paris concert short, but thankfully no one was harmed. The trolls, of course, came out of the woodwork to be the worst people on Earth as a result of the news, but at least Kim has someone who would have loved to have watched her back: former WWE and UFC megastar Ken Shamrock.

The UFC Hall of Famer spoke to TMZ Sports about the mistakes that were made with Kardashian’s security detail and that if that robbery had been attempted on his watch, brother, it would have been an attempt only.

“When you have that many people that are very popular, and they’re traveling, and they only have one guy they brought with them to stay with them for 24 hours, and they split up? Well, somebody’s going to have to be left alone … In that situation, I think it’s a huge mistake.

“You have to look at the whole picture, too. How much of this was an error on the security, [and] how much was it an error upon the actual celebrities themselves? I don’t think you can blame anybody. I just think that there were mistakes made.

” … If I was there, I would not have left the hotel. I would have been in the lobby, or I would have been somewhere in the hallway. And if the confrontation happened, [the robbers] would have never gotten in the room.”

Ken wouldn’t say he would immediately say yes to heading up Kimye’s security detail; they would have to get to know one another and come to some understandings. In particular, he won’t stand for anyone he’s guarding telling him how to run security. That’s why he doesn’t do a lot of personal security, apparently.

Remember, everyone, Ken Shamrock calls the shots.

Ken Shamrock always calls the shots.

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