Kenny King Has A Very Good Reason He Likes Working For Ring Of Honor More Than Impact

Senior Editor, Sports
07.17.17 3 Comments


Kenny King didn’t win The Bachelorette (does anyone really ever “win” The Bachelorette?), but he’s still got his wrestling career, and that’s going JUST FINE. He’s currently signed with Ring of Honor, having patched things up with the company after jumping ship to Impact Wrestling in 2012 while he was one-half of the ROH Tag Team Champions.

Impact may be GFW now, and we may still be getting used to that, but King only saw how things operated under the old regime, and it turns out that he likes his situation at ROH now a whole lot better than being in the Impact Zone. Or the Owl Zone or whatever it is now. THE ANTHEM SHACK.

King was a guest on X-Pac’s AfterBuzz TV show last week, and he said there’s one area where ROH is head and shoulders above how Impact operated: making sure its talent gets paid on time. Seems important! (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

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