New Japan Star Kenny Omega Revealed He Has An Open Invitation To Join NXT

When he’s not fronting the best sarcastic press conferences of all time or challenging Xavier Woods to video game competitions, former New Japan Intercontinental Champion Kenny Omega is tearing down the house as part of the Elite of the Bullet Club. Omega has built up a fervent following over the past few years, and although he requested his own release from WWE developmental back in 2006 after a tumultuous run in Deep South Wresting, fans have been wanting to see him in the biggest company in the world for a long time.

Finally, it seems like Kenny Omega to WWE will happen in one form or another in the next couple of years. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Omega talked about his chances of coming to NXT in the near future … and it sounds a lot more like a question of “when” rather than “if.”

“I have spoken with the heads at NXT, and they’ve all said, ‘If you want to come down, let us know–the second your visa is in place, you’re on TV the next week,’” said Omega, who has a rocky history with WWE developmental territories from his time a decade ago in Deep South Wrestling. “I thought that was really cool of them to say and I appreciate they recognize that I’d add some value to their product, so I always kept that in my mind as an option. But this is going back to my Deep South days–I still haven’t quite shown them what I can do on my own, and that’s what I think this year is going to do for me.”

While he won’t be leaving New Japan in 2016 (nor will the Young Bucks, as they’re under contract with Ring of Honor for the rest of the year), it certainly sounds like there’s a better chance than ever that he will finally bring his longstanding feud with The New Day to WWE next year.

There’s a lot more goodness in that interview, including Omega suggesting that Shinsuke Nakamura debuting at TakeOver instead of WrestleMania 32 was a “massive insult.” Head over to SI to check it out.