Kevin Nash Criticized The Cody vs. Chris Jericho Segment From AEW Dynamite

Last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite included a confrontation between AEW World Champion Chris Jericho and his next challenger, Cody, that turned into a brawl around the arena between the Inner Circle and Cody and his friends. While some viewers enjoyed the over-the-top altercation, one who didn’t was Big Sexy himself, Kevin Nash.

Nash specifically had a problem with a production aspect of the segment: Jericho having a mic while in the sky box of the arena. He tweeted, “@CodyRhodes if you’re going to say you’re not @WWE and the ropes don’t stop you. Make sure @IAmJericho isn’t in his box with a AEW Mike. Couldn’t spell work any clearer. It’s the details. I ran thur [sic] the DVR to see Chris’s segment. Not a great first impression on detailed thought.”

Nash responded to several fans who took issue with this tweet. When accused of jabbing WWE’s competition, he explained “I was watching my friend. It’s the only segment I saw. That was very glaring. Look back at it as creative and they can make their own opinions. Just really caught my attention. I’m not being a dick. I’ve probably said 3 sentences to Cody in my life. Don’t know him.”

He later tweeted that his statement was constructive criticism and compared the Cody-Jericho segment to one he was in in the past. “When you’re retired and just watching with no motive. It’s constructive. Like I said I was just watching @IAmJericho segment. We did the bought tickets gimmick when Scott and I first came over from WWE. Ringside if Cody touches Chris he presses charges. Restraining order no match.”

When someone argued that Jericho could have easily obtained a microphone without Cody knowing because he’s the AEW World Champion, Nash brought up that Cody should still be able to do something about that as a kayfabe (as well as real-life) Executive Vice President of AEW: “A wireless mic can be cut off by the truck. Cody’s the boss. He looks hard camera and says cut his mic or find a new job.”

Nash also explained how he would have booked this type of segment in a way that made more sense: “Chris sits ringside with ticket. Cody starts to cut his promo. Chris interrupts ,he’s within earshot. Cody attacks him. Chris gets a restraining order. Cody has to do a match according to Chris’s stipulations. He loses because of it. Continuing the chase.”

While he said he would rather watch NXT than AEW, but will continue to watch Jericho’s segments, Nash did have some positive things to say about a member of the AEW roster (along with some critiques.) “The tiny skateboard guy is an incredible athlete,” said Big Sexy, but “Needs to slow down portions of his match so his speed is really accented. Also make his strikes count, measure each one like a shoot.”

To a Twitter user who responded to his original tweet with “Wait! Aren’t you the guy who booked himself to go over the biggest star in wrestling via a cattle prod?” Nash replied, “No I wasn’t booking. If I was I would have had a strong 9 month run. Not the finger poke of doom 6 days later. Sorry that logic really f*cks that entire fable to shit.”

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