Kevin Nash And Luke Gallows Are Starring In A Food-Themed ‘Saw’ Parody Film

Pro wrestlers are certainly no strangers to starring in weird and obscure movies. Seth Rollins recently had a turn in Sharknado 4, and Rob Van Dam starred in some dumb movie called 3-Headed Shark Attack. Kevin Nash, in particular, is a veteran of the weird movie scene, as his IMDB page lists such credits as Monster Brawl and the infamous DOA movie. Now he, Luke Gallows and “The Bullet Babe” Amber Gallows are just some of the people starring in Slaw, a movie parody of the Slaw franchise about, uh … well …

“Two “foodie” brothers kidnap those who ruin their dining experience and kill them – each in their own unique “food-related” manner.”

Ohhhhhh, SLAW. Like the food. I’m on your wavelength now, clever movie.

Green Apple Entertainment announced that they’ll be acquiring the distribution rights to the film, which premiered in October this year, but had been seeking a distributor for home video and/or wide release.

Joshua K. Carpenter, Head of Acquisition & Sales of Green Apple Entertainment, today announced the company’s acquisition of Worldwide rights to “Slaw” the “Saw” franchise parody starring WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, several Bullet Club members and other wrestlers including John Kip, Luke ‘Doc’ Gallows (Andrew Hankinson), Amber (O’Neal) Gallows, along with Baby Norman, Gregory Alan Williams and Vanessa Cloke.

The red carpet Theatrical premiere was held on October 12, 2016 at Movie Studio Grill in Duluth, GA. From BJK Films and Long Shot Productions “Slaw” was directed by Matt Green and written by John Kap and Richard Tavernaro.

Amazingly, “Baby Norman” isn’t some sort of Baby Geniuses-style acting baby, but rather an actress who has appeared in … movies. Green Apple Entertainment’s Head of Acquisition, Joshua Carpenter, made it clear that the film will be released next year in order to best capitalize on the release of the next Saw film, Saw: Legacy.

“With the recent announcements of Lionsgate re-launhcing its ‘Saw’ franchise with an eighth film “Saw: Legacy”, we are excited to align this parody with its release window and look forward to engaging with millions of fans around the world.”

Saw: Legacy is slated to be released on October 27, 2017, so start checking your local Redbox around then. And not to get your hopes up or anything, but according to Nash’s IMDB page, Slaw 2 is already in pre-production. Get ready for murder! In a unique “food-related” manner, of course.