Watch A Baseball Mascot No-Sell A Big Boot From Kevin Nash

In a moment that is impossibly relevant to my interests, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash interfered in the Miami Marlins’ mascot race on “Legends of Wrestling” night, delivering a big boot to Julio the Octopus. Julio then goes into business for himself by no-selling the boot, although he still finishes last. I never thought I’d type this sentence, but I very much enjoyed watching an anthropomorphic sea creature bury Kevin Nash’s offense during a baseball game.

Followup questions include:

1. Are the interns that get crammed into those suits not allowed to get them dirty? Is that why he didn’t bump?
2. By no-selling the boot, has Julio earned himself an nWo beatdown and spray painting?
3. What did Julio do to earn the big boot? Are Bob the Shark, Angel the Stone Crab and Spike the Sea Dragon aligned with Nash? If so, when did this happen?
4. Does Kevin Nash realize that he’s a less effective WWE saboteur of baseball game mascot races than the Easter Bunny?
5. How many quads does an octopus have, and if so, how many were torn here?

We wish Julio the Octopus the best of luck in his future endeavors.

video via Wrestling Inc