Kevin Nash States His Case For Being The Most Ripped WWE Legend

If you’ve seen the Magic Mike films, or have even watched Kevin Nash since his days as WCW’s Oz, then you know the man is never out of shape. In fact, you might say that he’s one of the most ripped, in-shape 56-year-olds walking the planet today. Seriously, Nash has garden hoses for biceps, veins and shoulders that look like smaller-sized basketballs. All this from a man who was at one point highly addicted to drugs and still wrestled every single night on the WWE roster as the champion.

Nash has since kicked the substances, and in Shawn Michaels’ memoir Wrestling for My Life, HBK details the story of Nash helping him kick his own addictions by urging him to get his life together following the birth of his child.

It’s not entirely unprecedented that an older gentleman can be ripped. Sylvester Stallone is still doing the damn thing well into his twilight, and Arnold Schwarzenegger still looks good as he crawls toward his 70s. But with such a plethora of WWE legends in terrible shape due to the demands of falling on your back for years mixed with abusive and destructive behavior, it’s refreshing to see a former superstar looking great.

With that said, keep doing you, Big Sexy.