Kevin Owens Has Signed A WWE Main Roster Contract, Will Continue To Support His Family

05.29.15 4 years ago 78 Comments

It looks like Kevin Owens is finally a step ahead of Sami Zayn.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the current NXT Champion and thorn in John Cena’s side has signed a main roster contract with WWE and “will be making the transition from the NXT brand to the main brand quickly.” That’s good news for his family, whom he is tasked to provide for, and bad news for anybody hoping to wrestle over the summer and keep their spine in place.

This raises two very important questions: How does the signing change the potential outcome of Owens’ match with Cena at Elimination Chamber, and what does it mean for his career in NXT? Here’s what we know:

He is booked for all Raw television going forward and will be starting on a full house show scheduled very soon. He will continue as a character on NXT television for the couple of months to where it’s a smooth transition out since he’s the group’s current champion.

How great/sad is it that Sami Zayn will probably never be able to get his revenge on Owens and take back his NXT Championship? Owens will be long gone by the time he’s healed and ready to return, and the strap will assumedly be on Finn Bálor or Samoa Joe or… let’s say Jason Jordan.

No matter what, John Cena better keep his eyes peeled for a pissed-off pair of basketball shorts.

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