Kevin Owens Announced That He’s ‘Champion Of The Universe’ Three Years Before Actually Doing It

On Monday night, Kevin Owens made a whole lot of wrestling fans very happy when he won the WWE Universal Championship (with the help of Triple H, but that’s not important). He capped off the main event of Raw by celebrating with his title, but the strange thing is … Owens actually called his shot almost three years ago, to the day.

Owens — then known by his real name, Kevin Steen — cut a fired-up backstage promo after the 2013 Battle of Los Angeles with his stablemates in Mount Rushmore, Adam Cole and the Young Bucks. The quartet held all the titles in the company at the time and would proceed to run roughshod over the promotion for the next year or so until Steen’s departure. Kevin does most of the talking in the video, but the pertinent bit is toward the end, where he christens himself the Champion of the Universe.

Please take a few minutes to watch the below video, because it’s incredible. Unless you’re at work, because it has some real NSFW cusses and swears.

“It’s too late. It’s too late for PWG. You see this? We are the champions. Where’s my belt? I don’t need a god damn belt. I made this place. I’m the champion of the universe.”

This was the formation of Mount Rushmore (not Matt Rushmore) and as Steen said, it was only the beginning. Now he has his belt, and it’s official. It only took three years for his prediction to come true. Amazing.