Kevin Owens Wants A Match Against The Undertaker At WrestleMania

Kevin Owens has already accomplished a lot in his WWE career — he’s a former NXT and current Intercontinental Champion — but one of his major goals has nothing to do with title belts: he wants a shot at the legendary Undertaker at WrestleMania. Or anywhere, really.

In a conversation with the Like Father, Like Son podcast, KO said he hopes he can spend 2016 positioning himself as an opponent for Taker, and will get in the ring with him any time, anywhere, just to experience that moment.

“I’d love to get in the ring with the Undertaker one day. I feel like that’s a long shot, I guess, because he wrestles on a limited basis and when he does, it’s always a huge deal. But hopefully I can position myself in the next year or so to be seen as a viable opponent for the Undertaker, because it would be a thrill to be in the ring with him at WrestleMania or anywhere. It can be on a Raw or a live event, I don’t really care. I’d just love to be in the ring with him. I feel like that would be an experience I’d never forget.”

We’ve already seen Owens pin John Cena clean. We’ve seen him advance in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. They days of “can you believe Kevin Steen is in the WWE?” are over, and the man’s a legitimate WWE Superstar. So hey, why not? I can’t imagine the Undertaker catching air on a pop-up powerbomb, but I can definitely see Owens in a reimagining of the now non-existent CM Punk Mania match.

After all, you have to wish the best for a guy who says stuff like this:

“The cool part about the title I’m holding now is it’s the same design as the title I grew up watching. When I was a kid and I had all the foam replica belts, this was always the one I’d win first when I’d beat my pillow, so it’s pretty cool to have the real thing.”