Kevin Owens Doesn’t Understand How WWE’s Wild Card Rule Works, Either

WWE Smackdown Live

I have no idea what Im watching!

If you’ve been watching Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live and finding yourself confused as to how Vince McMahon’s “wild card rule” is supposed to work, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Even some of the people showing up as wild cards don’t know how the wild card rule is supposed to work.

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens — who has been the “wild card” on a number of occasions already, at least in terms of being “signed” to one “brand” and showing up on both shows indiscriminately — was asked his opinion on the rule in a recent interview with The Sporting News and accurately identified it as both, “loosely defined,” and, “loosely enforced.”

First, here’s the most explanation we’ve gotten on WWE TV so far …

… and here’s Owens:

“I guess the whole point of the wild-card rule is to add a sense of unpredictability to all the shows and I guess it definitely has achieved that because you never know who is going to show up where. The wild-card rule itself was very loosely defined when it was first announced and it’s been loosely enforced since it’s been announced (laughs). I guess it was supposed to be four guys at first and now, really, 10 guys show up one night, three guys show up the next night, whatever. But like I said, I think the whole point is to give a more unpredictable feel to the show itself and its definitely achieved that.”

You’d think if WWE wanted to move people around between shows they could do that without a rule they don’t intend to explain or enforce, seeing as how they control what happens in the WWE Universe and can just eliminate the “brand split,” but I guess that wouldn’t be … surprising enough? There needs to be a rule explaining it that we don’t actually want to pay attention to? I really don’t know.

In other words, Raw and Smackdown are now:

Can’t wait until Vince McMahon starts handing out those suspensions he mentioned!