Kevin Steen Has His NXT Name, And Sadly It’s Not ‘Sal Generico’

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10.30.14 34 Comments
"So, what are your feelings on Jim Cornette?"


KENTA became ‘Hideo Itami.’ Prince Devitt became ‘Finn Balor.’ All of WWE’s recent highbrow international and independent wrestling signees have gotten new, copyright-friendly NXT names, so of course former Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen isn’t going to wrestle as ‘Kevin Steen.’ So, what’s the new name?

According to PWInsider, here’s your winner: Kevin Owens.

I would’ve preferred ‘Fats Rougeau,’ but I’ll allow it. The name ‘Owens’ is a tribute to both his son Owen and the late, great Owen Hart, his son’s namesake. WWE crowds should probably not chant “kill Owens kill.” As a bonus, though, the name gives him the initials K.O. That’s (1) a great wrestling nickname and (2) confirmation we aren’t seeing Kassius Ohno back anytime soon. Poor Kassius Ohno.

While you imagine a world where Adam Cole and the Young Bucks get into NXT, please take this Kevin Owens entrance theme suggestion:

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