Kevin Sullivan Opened Up About How Much It Sucks To Be Accused Of Murdering Chris Benoit’s Family

Kevin Sullivan went on Jim Ross’ podcast this week to discuss his career, booking and a few other wrestling-worthy things. Most importantly, he addressed the nasty elephant in the room: the conspiracy theories that he snuck into Chris Benoit’s house and murdered his entire family while framing it as a murder-suicide. That sort of prevailing theory has to be stressful.

“And [the speculation] did bother me for a while, Jim, until I talked to [Nancy’s] mother and she said, ‘I can’t believe that people even think that’ and she made me feel better. The sister made me feel better.”

“This is how people are so sick and so much of an idol-worship. They were looking for, and I don’t mean this in any bad light, but they were looking for an out because he was a great, great, great, fabulous wrestler. We’ll never know what caused it, but for people to believe something like that, means they believe that the earth is hollow or flat or whatever.”

Sullivan has a hell of a point here, as he’s been terribly victimized ever since the Benoit family tragedy. According to Sullivan, only Jim Ross and Teddy Long even called him to offer condolences. If you talk to some fans, you’ll know that there are people who believe with complete certainty that Kevin Sullivan actually murdered Benoit — and they even use his fake satanic character as evidence. It’s just another sign that people will do anything to believe what they want instead of facing the horrible truths. Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler up to the second before he murdered his family…and I tried to not believe it for as long as possible. But that’s just selfish. Condemning an innocent guy because you still want Benoit vs. Angle at Royal Rumble 2003 to be your favorite match is pretty f*cking low.

So, stop being a-holes and let Sullivan live. He’s been through enough.

h/t to WrestlingInc. for the pull quotes