Just How Close Did Kimbo Slice Come To Signing With WWE?

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02.29.16 5 Comments

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It must be interesting to be Kimbo Slice’s manager. The former backyard brawler turned porn-company valet turned boxer and mixed martial artist has had an interesting life, with no shortage of interesting deals thrown his way. One such deal which never ended up coming together was from none other than World Wrestling Entertainment.

In an interview on WWE.com, former talent scout Tommy Dreamer recalls how a VHS tape of Kimbo Slice fighting ended up in his hands, and how he tried to convince those above him in the promotion that Kimbo could be a big star.

“I spoke with his manager and then I spoke with (Kimbo) briefly and he was down and ready to go — he was a big fan,” Dreamer said. “My job was to look for new talent, so I brought the demo packet to John Laurinaitis, the head of Talent Relations at the time, and I presented it to him. The handling of how to hire him would have been different because he wasn’t a trained wrestler.”

According to Dreamer, Laurinaitis was concerned about Slice’s age and how long it could take to turn the backyard brawler into a main show wrestler.

“This was somewhere between 2003 and 2005, so if he’s 42 years old today, he was in his early 30s then. So if you’re going to bring in a talent who has no wrestling experience, it’s going to take a while to adapt.”

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