King Cuerno In A Steel Cage Is All You Need To Know About This Week’s Exclusive Lucha Underground Clip

The Venn diagram of ‘people who watch Lucha Underground‘ and ‘people who love King Cuerno’ should be a single, solid circle.

If you aren’t familiar with him for some reason, he’s a luchador and a master hunter — he creeps around The Temple stalking his prey, wears a deer’s ENTIRE SEVERED HEAD as a hat and uses the ‘Arrow From The Depths Of Hell,’ the greatest inside-out dive in pro wrestling. Also, his casual attire is COWBOY FORMALWEAR THAT MATCHES HIS GEAR.

Because the people at Lucha Underground understand their audience better than anyone in the wrestling business, this week’s exclusive clip features roughly two minutes of this week’s King Cuerno vs. Johnny Mundo cage match main event, and is mostly Cuerno being a huge dick and dragging Johnny’s face across metal. It’s lovely. Check it out.

If you still aren’t on board with this show and you say you like pro wrestling, you might have a problem with your brain. This week’s episode airs tonight, Wednesday, March 11th at 8:00PM ET/PT on El Rey Network. If you don’t get El Rey, tell your TV provider to carry it and watch the show online via Sling TV. If you miss that, watch the Spanish language version on the UniMas site later in the week.

Go look at his street clothes. King Cuerno needs to be in your life.