Kurt Angle’s Final TNA Opponent Before Retirement Has Been Announced

In case you haven’t been keeping up with your latest news from the world of Total Nonstop Action wrestling, there’s two major things going on right now with the company.

One is that they have somehow fought off going out of business by being moved Pop TV, which used to be called the TV Guide Channel, also known as the channel your mom still uses to see what’s on TV because she doesn’t know how the remote works.

The other is that their biggest star Kurt Angle is retiring (at least until someone from Stamford, Connecticut gives him a call), but not before he does more damage to his neck with one last retirement tour in the UK.

Angle already picked out Drew Galloway as his first singles opponent which took place on last Friday’s Impact. Now, TNA President Dixie Carter has announced who Angle’s final match will be against on January 31, in Birmingham, England.

Lashley is a pretty good pick both in terms of being a good draw and also in terms of match quality. The two had one of the best TNA matches in the post AJ Styles/Spike TV era when they wrestled for the world title back in March of last year.

It’s not the best pick, though, as retiring Angle for good would be a great way for their face of the company, Ethan Carter III to continue to get over. TNA has never quite been a “thinking of the long term” kind of company, though, so it’s not all that surprising that this is the direction they went in.

Oh well, at least it’s not Jessie Godderz.

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