Kurt Angle Was Rushed Back To Hospital Due To Potentially Fatal Complications From Recent Surgery

As we reported over the past couple weeks, Kurt Angle recently had to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from his neck. The removal of the tumor was a success, but sometimes medical good news doesn’t last long when you’re dealing with Kurt Angle. Less than a week after his surgery Angle had to be rushed back to a hospital, and the details are kind of scary.

Angle was planning to travel to the UK for a convention, but he started experiencing severe pain, loss of feeling in his limbs and other concerning symptoms. Rather than boarding his flight, Kurt returned to the hospital and as of this morning, he was back in surgery. Kurt Angle’s wife took over his Twitter account this morning to update fans on the situation and his condition…

Yikes, sounds like a pretty serious bullet was dodged. I hope Kurt takes this as a sign he needs to take some time off, but let’s be real, this is Kurt Angle we’re talking about. Doing stuff he shouldn’t with a busted neck is kind of his thing. Here’s at least hoping Angle takes it as easy as he can, and his recovery is complication-free from now on.

(Via EWrestlingNews)