Kurt Angle Says He Isn’t Interested In A Run In ‘The WWE Minor League’

12.16.15 2 years ago 23 Comments
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Kurt Angle recently announced his retirement, which caused most wrestling fans to start fantasy booking his inevitable WWE return. Will he show up at the Royal Rumble? Will he WIN the Royal Rumble? Is he going to win the United States Championship? Could he face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania? Would WrestleMania be his actual last match, and would they put him in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Most importantly, would we get an appearance by Kurt Angle at Full Sail, where he’d have to face Chad Gable, the living, breathing embodiment of everything we loved about a rookie Angle?

Well, we can mark at least one of those things off the list. In an interview with Ring Rust Radio, Angle gave a flat “no” when asked if he’d consider a run in NXT, and explained that there’s no reason for him to show up in the “WWE minor league.”

No. With all due respect, the talent on the NXT roster is phenomenal. They are doing something right down there as far as getting talent ready. I just don’t think it would be worth it for either side to have me go down there and work on NXT. Not saying I wouldn’t do it, but it is considered the WWE minor league. With that in mind, I think anybody would feel the same way about it.

So, you’re saying you’re not ready OR willing. I guess I can’t blame Kurt, as he hasn’t fared well against former NXT stars:

Whether or not Angle’s career winds its way back into WWE and lasts long enough for Chad Gable to get called up, there’s one fan favorite (and former NXT competitor) he’d love to wrestle: Daniel Bryan. He’s been saying this for years, but he’s happy to reiterate.

Daniel has the rare gift of not just being an incredible wrestler and underdog, but fans flock to him very quickly. It is all about the wrestling ability and he is the very best today. It’s what he brings to the table and that’s a lot of fans. You want a match like that when it attracts a lot of interest and excitement and makes fans choose one way or another.

If WrestleMania wants to book a “be nice to each others’ necks” match, that’s the one I want to see.

Is Kurt too big of a star to make an appearance in NXT? Is it simply the reality that Angle doesn’t have a lot left in the tank, and should make the biggest impact for the most money in the smallest amount of time? Would Angle vs. Bryan deliver at this stage in their careers? More importantly than all of this, Chad Gable. Discuss.

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