Kurt Angle’s Surgery To Remove A Neck Tumor Was A Success

During the last round of June Impact Wrestling tapings, Kurt Angle announced that he would be taking time off to have a tumour in his neck surgically removed. The great news is that Angle is up and about, and the surgery was a complete success.

The other good news is that these pictures reaffirm my belief that, with every surgery, doctors are just slowly rebuilding “The Cyborg” with parts from George “The Animal” Steele and a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit.

Through the magic of television, Angle was able to get his rematch against the current (and hopefully forever) TNA World Heavyweight Champion EC3 last night. We’re psyched that the tumor was benign and Angle is on the road to recovery, and we wish Angle all the best so he can get back to losing on the reg to Ethan Carter III.