Labor Day WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/1/14

Tonight, on the Labor Day edition of the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

We’ve gotten to know John Cena pretty well over the last 12 years, but we’ve never seen him unleash the kind of aggression he used to lay waste to The Wyatt Family last Monday night. Brock Lesnar, you’ve been put on notice.

As the Cenation leader remains laser-focused on prying the WWE World Heavyweight Title from The Beast Incarnate’s clutches at Night of Champions, what can the WWE Universe expect this week on Raw? has some ideas. (via

Our five-point preview:

1. I am terrified of the “new, more aggressive attitude” they’re advertising for John Cena. Hasn’t “be the most aggressive” been his character for the last decade? Doesn’t he get angry-faced and tense up his muscles and scream about everything? Is there a MORE aggressive John Cena? Is it just him coming to the ring with a spear and killing everyone?

2. Randy Orton will be a guest on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel. I hope it’s Jericho saying, “so how’ve you been, Randy?” and Orton riffing for 10 boring minutes about what he had for lunch.

3. It’s Labor Day. Eva Marie will be in action because she doesn’t know how to work.

4. The Bellas bell-ood feud continues. Last week, Nikki told Brie that she wish she’d died in the womb. This week, Brie probably makes fun of Nikki for getting plastic surgery and being a spinster. Soon they’ll be hitting each other with chairs. Note: they still have a joint Twitter account.

5. This week, AJ gives Paige a Christmas present (even though it’s September) and it’s a PUPPY. They laugh and play with the puppy. They decide to go on a few dates, and they like each other. Things start moving a little faster, and soon they’re living together and discovering that difficulties and judgments still exist for same-sex couples in 2014. Society says they’re “hot,” so their love is a novelty, a thing to be masturbated to. Their love is an object. They just want to spend their lives together. And then BOOM, NOPE, SHINING WIZARD TWENTY YEARS LATER.

Enjoy the show. +1 your favorite comments and I’ll include 10 in tomorrow’s report.