WWE’s Lacey Evans Had An Incident With A Cop In Canada, Then Admitted It Was Staged

WWE Superstar Lacey Evans went viral this weekend when she was pulled over for a speeding ticket while in Canada. From the video she posted on Twitter, it looked like she decided to respond to a legitimate citation completely in-character, asking the law enforcement officer, “Do you know who I am?,” declaring him a “nasty,” and insulting Canada to his face. This was a pretty incredible stunt to see from a former military police officer!

At the time this article was written, what looked like a crazy interaction between a pro wrestler and a cop had gone viral, with over two million views and an impressive ratio of over 17,000 comments to over 14,000 likes. Evans leaned into the reception of the video and stayed in character about it for a while, including when asked for an interview by CityNews Edmonton.

Earlier today, however, Evans had to break kayfabe and admit that this interaction had been planned out beforehand. She tweeted,

“As prior law enforcement myself and a United States Marine, I do not condone, agree with or promote disrespecting or making LEO’s jobs harder than they already are. The video was created by both parties to promote the local live event taking place in the Edmonton area. As a sports entertainer its is my job to not only entertain but also set the proper example. So with that being said… I’m glad you all were entertained but if you ever try to honestly disrespect or put my brothers and sisters in blue in harm…I hope you get what you ask for.”

So it turns out this weekend’s incident was not a risky promotional move by Evans alone, but one in cooperation with local law enforcement that managed to fool some people and/or upset some people.