Lana And Rusev Are Real-Life Engaged Because Love Is Stronger Than Fake Fighting

They’ve long been the favorite real-life wrestling couple here at With Spandex, and now the Bulgarian Brute has thrown kayfabe to the wind and proposed to his girlfriend Lana. TMZ exclusively reported (Is it exclusive? We can’t tell) that Rusev proposed back in September:

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Rusev proposed to his WWE manager gf last month at their Nashville home. We’re told Rusev proposed in the couple’s swimming pool and filmed the whole thing.

Finally we can stop saying, “If you like it then you should be Putin a ring on it.” Okay, maybe that’s only me, but who am I to stand in the way of the natural course of love and/or/especially a good pun?

In case you’ve missed it, or intentionally skipped any storyline that involves Dolph Ziggler having a girlfriend because it will inevitably get awful, Lana has been part of a torrid onscreen romance with Big Daddy Zigs that involves acid-wash denim outfits and sad shoe-based catfights with Summer Rae. Summer Rae took the unfortunate role of Rusev’s rebound ladyfriend, with the two currently engaged to be engaged pending a championship win. Both couples have worked overtime to keep kayfabe on their various forms of social media, though Lana did recently post this picture featuring her ridiculous engagement ring:

Rusev, on the other hand…

Amazing. Congrats, you crazy kids.