With Leather’s Watch This: Here Is What GoPro Was Truly Invented For

As with any sports accident, I hope that the person involved in this brief motocross crash clip is doing fine. That said, this is some pretty wicked, scary nonsense right here. Videos like this accident are the primary reason that my career as an extreme sports athlete never took off, right behind the fact that I’m terrified of moving vehicles and I never learned how to ride a regular bike, let alone a dirtbike. Hell, I still consider my greatest achievement to be that time I went roller skating and didn’t have to hold on to the rail to make it all the way around the rink.

I bet that would have made an exciting GoPro video.

Monday Night Football: 49ers at Redskins – 8:25 PM ET on ESPN

I need some miracle action out of Colin Kaepernick and Vernon David tonight. I’d also like for “I need some miracle action out of Colin Kaepernick and Vernon David tonight” to be printed on my tombstone when I die.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

Michael Strahan stops by tonight as the guest host, and his teeth will serve as the ring entrance. It’s jokes like that that will have me replacing Jay Leno in no time.

NHL: Wild at Blues – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

I am really, really excited about the Blues’ chances this season, and I even think this might be the year that they lose in the playoffs again.

NCAA Basketball: Abilene Christian at Xavier – 7 PM ET on FS1
NCAA Basketball: BYU vs. Texas – 7:30 PM ET on ESPNU
NCAA Basketball: Pitt vs. Texas Tech – 7:30 PM ET on ESPN2
NCAA Basketball: Marquette at ASU – 9 PM ET on FS1
NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Chaminade – 9:30 PM ET on ESPNU
NCAA Basketball: Houston vs. Stanford – 9:30 PM ET on ESPN2

Would it kill the NCAA to schedule some day games? There’s no reason that there aren’t live NCAA basketball games on during the daytime, at least in the beginning of the season. Do you think Jabari Parker really gives a squirt if he misses a class? Nope.