Let Max Landis Explain Why People Boo ‘Superman’ John Cena

Writer/director Max Landis has become as well-known for frankly explaining things on the internet as he has for films like Chronicle. His breakdown of Superman and 40-minute pitch for Big Blue’s death and return were great, and his retrospective on the career of Triple H has caused me to use that image of Girl John Cena at least a dozen times. His latest frank explanation brings everything together, as he uses Superman to explain why Cena gets booed.

Choice quotes include:

“People could like, murder Lois Lane, and Superman would be like, ‘Whatever, you’re dumb.'”

“Imagine if Batman was like, hanging out in Gotham, and Superman shows up, and he’s like THESE GUYS DON’T EVEN HAVE POWERS, and the Joker was like I’M THE MOST IMPORTANT VILLAIN, and Superman was like NO YOU’RE NOT, boink.”