Let’s All Grab Some Tissues And Look At Pictures Of The Dismantled Lucha Underground Temple

Reddit user Silent_Viper and his brother decided to stop by the Lucha Underground Temple recently, and there aren’t enough distressed emojis in the world for what they found:

Some back story, my brother and I were on our way to Dodger Stadium, decided to stop by the temple. We just walked right in, stuff was being taken down. We walked around a bit, no one seemed to care. We found that poster on the floor, it was the only one not ripped up, so I have it up in my room now. – Reddit

Though a Season 2 has been confirmed by our sources within El Rey (but not formally announced), it makes sense to take down the set while producers are off working on different projects, and machines are off getting recalibrated or getting their oil-changed or whatever it is Brian Cage does in his downtime. Also, it makes sense to have this “underground temple of violence” seem transitory in nature, and it adds that element of danger and sense of urgency that they could be raided and shut down at any time.

Still, the Temple is such an incredible, immersive experience even on television, so when a show is so good that the intimate feeling comes through, you end up getting connected to it unexpectedly. Seeing it in bits and pieces kinda tears at your heart a little, you know? So, thanks for making a special show that everyone loves, you Lucha Underground jerks!