Let’s All Stomp Hernandez In This Week’s Exclusive Lucha Underground Clip

On this week’s Lucha Underground, a reincarnated karate dragon must defeat a mute Aztec puma prince to keep his job in a Spanish businessman’s underground fighting league. This is the best show of all-time, full stop.

Losing tonight may mean never returning to the ring for one fighter. Cueto vows to banish the one-and-only Drago from his Temple forever if he fails to beat the defending champion Puma in the Champion vs Career match. The intensity doesn’t stop there when King Cuerno, Cage and Hernandez go head-to-head to be crowned as the new #1 contender. This is a high stakes event on Wednesday, April 29th at 8:00PM ET/PT on El Rey Network.

The promo clip features two of my favorite things about Lucha Underground: the cinematic backstage moments, and Dario Cueto looming around being a controlling weirdo.

The folks at El Rey know me well because this week’s exclusive clip is two of my favorite people on the show (Cage and King Cuerno) beating up Hernandez. Every week’s exclusive clip should be guys knocking Hernandez down and stomping him for two minutes.