Let’s Speculate About These Pics Of Undertaker And Sting Having A Conversation

undertaker sting twitter 2

Undertaker and Sting have been campaigning for a WrestleMania match for years now, and it’s one of wrestling’s all-time fantasy match-ups. It seems, though, like the WWE isn’t as behind it as fans are due to the ages of the would-be competitors. Even last night, Sting started talking about a potential future match with the WWE and the fans went crazy chanting Undertaker‘s name. I actually think the two could pull it off because they’re such pros who looked passable at WrestleMania Play Button Sign.

While I’m not sure if the match is actually happening or not, Undertaker and Sting were talking about something at the airport leaving WrestleMania festivities, leaving us to speculate about a bout for the next year. Were they planning a match or were they just saying “heh, let’s get everyone to speculate about a match?” Who knows? But we’ll be dissecting these two pictures for up until 2016. Enjoy!

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